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Three Lakes, WI
I am an Elementary Art Teacher at Three Lakes and Sugar Camp Elementary, I am also a 4K Teacher-Aide in Sugar Camp Elementary. Thsi is my seventh year teaching with this District and I absolutely love my job! I love finding new resources for new projects to do.

Monday, May 17, 2010

2nd Grade Van Gogh Style Sunflowers

Students learned a little bit about Van Gogh and how he liked to use a lot of paint!

We used oil pastels to imitate his brush strokes. We talked about the colors going from darker to lighter, or lighter to darker.

Again, I used Google Images to print a bunch of Van Gogh's Sunflower paintings, so each table had several different images to look at.

Kindergarten Clown Fish

This project is still underway...

1st Grade Toucans

This project took about three to four weeks, with 45 minute classes. I printed samples of Toucans for the students to observe from. I love Google Images!
  1. Day One: With directed drawing and observing their photos, they drew the outline of their toucan.
  2. We then painted the head yellow, and the body black.
  3. Day Two: They used oil pastels to fill the background in with brightly colored leaves and flowers.
  4. Day Three: We painted the leaves with green watercolor, and the background with blue watercolor.
  5. The final step was to use chalk to blend the colors of the beak as realistically as possible.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Welcome to My Art Page!

This is my first post~ I am learning as we go, so please be patient. I hope to someday have many art lessons posted, to inspire others as other art bloggers have inspred me!